Ruby Bhatia (now Ruby Dutta) began a prolific career in anchoring and acting by winning the title of “Miss India-Canada, 1993”. Born in the U.S.A. and raised in Canada, she moved to Mumbai after studying Philosophy at the University of Toronto.

Popularly known as India’s first veejay, Ruby was launched by Star TV’s music channel, “Channel [V]”. Since then, she has anchored a wide variety of television shows, acted in a plethora of big-banner films, advertised for top international brands and hosted mega-events like Miss World and the Filmfare Awards. She has also actively participated in social causes like children’s education and the Crusade Against Tobacco.

In 2006, Ruby decided to pursue her first love, yoga and meditation. She became an initiated disciple of Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda, great God-realized master of India and author of the spiritual classic “Autobiography of a Yogi” ( / ). This brought an ineffable satisfaction to her life, and answered all her questions as a student of philosophy.

Recently, Ruby married Ajit S. Dutta, a fellow disciple of her Guru. Ajit, a talented choreographer and dance instructor, shares Ruby’s love for fitness, yoga, and meditation. And Ruby, in turn, shares Ajit’s love for dance (she is trained in Tap, Jazz, Ballet and Modern Dance from the Toronto Branch of The Royal Academy of Dance, London).

This common interest in dance and fitness led to the establishment of Ajit and Ruby’s company, “BODY DYNAMICS—Dance and Fitness” ( Together, Ruby and Ajit hold classes and workshops, choreograph shows and provide corporate training. They also perform at selected events, and give dance and fitness presentations on television and other forms of media. As the Business Manager of Body Dynamics, Ruby oversees its activities…while Ajit is the Creative Director of the company as well as its Chief Choreographer and Instructor.



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